A worm gear reducer 
is one type of reduction gear box which consits of a worm ponion input,an output worm gear,and features a right angle output orientation.


What Is A Worm Gear Reducer?

This type of reduction gear box is generally used to take a rated motor speed and produce a low speed output with higher torque value based on the reduction ratio. They often can solve space-saving problems because the worm gear reducer is one of the sleekest reduction gearboxes available due to the small diameter of its output gear.

Worm gear reducers are also a popular type of speed reducer because they offer the greatest speed reduction in the smallest package. With a high ratio of speed reduction and high torque output multiplier, it’s unsurprising that many power transmission systems make use of a worm gear reducer. Some of the most common applications for worm gears can be found in tuning instruments, medical testing equipment, elevators, security gates, and conveyor belts.

double worm gear reducer

Where Is A Worm Gearbox Used?

For applications that need higher speed, a worm gearbox can be employed. The stainless steel gearbox can also be used. Some of the applications of a worm gearbox are:

  • Mining
  • Presses
  • Rolling mills
  • Escalator/ Elevator Drive systems
  • Manufacturing and packaging industries
  • Small machinery and conveyors


Worm Gear Reducer Catalogue

Worm gear reducer efficiency can vary from 40 to 93%.

Right Angle Worm Gear Reducer

    Aluminum Worm Gear Reducer

      Browning Worm Gear Reducer

        Worm Gear Finds Applications In Different Kinds Of Industries. 

        The stainless steel reducer is most commonly used in the food processing industry. Some of the most usual forms or places it is used are:

        When there is a requirement for noise control– The contact of two various elements in the worm gearbox decreases the noise pollution, making it comfortable for spaces where noise requires to be detected. Different industrial applications make use of the worm gearbox.

        In conditions where swift stopping is required– Because back driving is almost an impractical feat to adapt to the worm gear, they have obtained popularity in the case of instruments where stopping requires to be operated accurately and swiftly, like elevators and lifts.

        Where shock loading is a fact– The materials employed in the worm gear are soft in nature, facilitating simple shock absorption with less failure. This special property is extremely beneficial for heavy-duty machines and rock crushers.

        worm gear reducer motor

        About Worm Gear Reducer Gearbox


        Worm Gear Lubrication

        The worm on a gear set turns, and once turning, it crushes against the force that is imposed on the gear. The only method to prevent the worm from touching the top of the wheel is to have a layer thickness large enough not to have the total tooth surface wiped off before that section of the worm is out of the power zone.This scenario needs a particular kind of lubricant. 


        How do Worm Gears Work?

        An electric engine or motor applies rotational energy to the worm. The worm circulates against the wheel, and the screwface pushes on the wheel via the teeth. The wheel is pushed against the force.



        Advantages of a Worm Gearbox

        Due to its mode of performance, a worm gearbox enables high step-down levels. In a worm gearbox, both shafts intersect at a specific distance. This center-to-center space is reflected in the determination of the gearbox shape and size

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        Helical Worm Gear Reducer Features

        The helical gear motor and reducer is a single gearbox, using a helical gear design, which can reduce output speed (Rpm) and increase the torque for transmission. There are two types: reducer motor plug-in, dual-shaft reducer. The reduction ratio range is wide, and the standard gear ratio can be as high as 1:200.

        • 6 sizes
        • Input power capabilities from 0.16 – 10 HP
        • Gear ratios from 3:1 to 3,400:1
        • Torque capacities to 1,300 Nm (960 ft lbs)
        • Efficiencies of up to 90%
        • Inverter duty class F insulated motor winding
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